Benjamin Donath is a Cologne based camera assistant and sound engineer at 24 25 TV & Medienproduktion GmbH. Before that he played very successfully in a German band. They recorded six albums and played several European tours. But after some time, he decided to extend his knowledge of video filming and editing and joined 24 25.

“Since the start of our company twenty-five years ago, we have been using Chrosziel products.”, says Benjamin. “During this period, we became increasingly aware of the Chrosziel brand through our sustained collaboration with Cologne based equipment rental company Volker Rodde GmbH, and relied more and more on Chrosziel products.”

What started with the regular rental of additional equipment for projects continued with the purchase of Chrosziel MatteBoxes for the Sony PDW-700 cameras of the company. The acquisitions of Chrosziel equipment continued to increase with the introduction of the Canon EOS C300 and 5D cameras into the product range of the company. The rig-mount setup required to operate these cameras – as well as the utilization of zoom lenses normally used in photography – made it necessary to assemble a range of high quality additional parts to go with each of our C300’s and 5D’s.

Benjamin says: “We use products provided by Chrosziel simply because they are the benchmark for quality in their field. Availability and accessibility are important factors: virtually every major equipment rental and sales company we collaborate with offers Chrosziel products. This shows a level of trust which simply makes ‚experimenting‘ with other brands unnecessary.”

24 25 TV & Medienproduktion GmbH has a total of approximately 4,000 days of production per year. The conditions are ranging from extreme heat to temperatures below zero, with possible hazards like desert sand and greasy kitchen steam. Contrary to a controllable studio environment, these projects sometimes require a ‚rock-’n‘-roll, run-’n‘-gun, quick-turnaround kind of approach.

Benjamin adds: “Our philosophy is to use the best equipment available for the job. Everything should be up to par when the circumstances demand it. Chrosziel equipment has never failed. Our camera crews know they can trust this brand when the going gets tough. Due to our broad range of projects it may be best to name two recent examples where Chrosziel was ‚part of the team‘.”

The media production company is currently producing the third season of the very successful German cooking program “Kitchen Impossible”, a show designed as a contest between two cooks who must imitate dishes previously unknown to them with their own ingredients in foreign kitchens. Production for the show takes place on a global scale, with travel destinations such as Morocco, Norway, Mexico, Italy and Iceland (to name only a few) offering a broad variety of challenges for crew and equipment. For this project, the 203-01S follow focus with a 201-55 focus wheel is used on both cameras: the primary camera, an Arri Amira, and the secondary camera, a Canon EOS C300 MkII.

For the German version of “Idol”, i.e. “Deutschland sucht den Superstar“, the crew recently travelled to Dubai where a Chrosziel CLWAH-F4,5 MatteBoxes with filter stages and Chrosziel follow focuses on a total of five Arri Amiras were used. Benjamin: “The Chrosziel parts once again proved their worth as they reliably withstood the punishing heat, sand and water hazards.”

The cameraman Jan Kreutz, one of the veterans at 24 25, recalls one of his recent projects: “’In September and October of 2016, we shot a pilot in Mongolia with rig-mount Canon C300 MkII’s and Sony Alpha 7s2’s. We experienced major temperature drops to as low night as -20 degrees Celsius by night, as well as temperature shifts between indoors and outdoors. While the cameras and lenses often took a long time to adapt, the Chrosziel MatteBoxes and focusing systems were never jammed or broken, even when at one point the extreme froze up the lubricant in the lenses. Our Chrosziel parts worked 100 per cent all the way through.”

Benjamin adds: “Ironically enough, this example for durability also sums up why we cannot make any statements about the Chrosziel customer service: we just haven’t had to use it yet. The only malfunctions we have seen were broken parts as the result of transportation. These damages are either covered by ordering spare parts or repaired by ourselves in-house service.”

He closes: “We are very happy and content with the Chrosziel brand and will continue to use the products in the future. We are looking forward to the new innovations by a company that produces our go-to equipment and has set the standard in their field.”

24 25 TV & Medienproduktion GmbH based in Cologne (Germany) was founded in 1993 by Roland Gross and Marc Raabe, and has 63 employees. The company offers solutions in the fields of video and audio, lighting, direction, editing and post production. For shoots, the 24 25 camera crews travel around the globe on a very tight schedule, working with celebrities on the red carpet as well as with animals in the rainforest. The company’s most prestigious projects are the award-winning German cooking show ‚Kitchen Impossible‘, ‚Die Höhle der Löwen‘ (the German equivalent of ‚Shark Tank‘), ‚Deutschland sucht den Superstar‘ (the German version of ‚Idol‘), ‚Michael Kessler ist…‘ , the science show ‚Die große Show der Naturwunder‘ and ‚Dittsche‘.