Alain Jongen DOP Camerman gaffer Belgium Chrosziel Mattebox

This is the story of Alain Jongen freelance DOP, cameraman and gaffer from the Flemish part of Belgium and his Chrosziel CLWAH 16:9 MatteBox. Alain started his career after graduating as Master of Photography from the Royal Academie of Fine Art. From 1994, he worked as an ENG Cameraman at AVS – a local TV station. Alain worked many years as a 1AC for Steadicam operator Lawrence Deweirdt until he met Herman Wolfs and joined the crew at Studio 100. His newest projects are to be found at the Nuremberg based Glowbstar Entertainment.

Alain is a proud owner of a quite old MatteBox: “I bought my first Chrosziel 16/9 swing away MatteBox around the year 1996. It was necessary for my first long feature as a cameraman. The second tray was very much in use those days because I used often polarizers and some soft FX black pro mist filters. Also, I used it often on the original Steadicam while I was 1AC of camera operator Lawrence Deweirdt. I chose the brand Chrosziel because of its strong German efficiency and a swing away because we must swap a lot of lenses during the shoots. And now in 2017 for me not much has changed so far.”

Chrosziel Mattebox

Two French flags on a Chrosziel French flag by Nathan Lederman, 1st AC

He adds: “Today, everybody uses new cinema cameras from Red, Arri, Blackmagic, Sony etc. with the same film lenses. So, here a lot of ND’s are used to shoot on a pretty open Iris, preferably 2.8 even during the day, so my swing away MatteBox is still useful like in the 1990ies. In sum: the best investment I made in a decade.”

Alain is mainly working for Studio 100, a Belgium TV broadcasting station. As freelance DOP, Ing/Gaffer he shot many series, movies, music videos, commercials and TV dramas, e.g. Anubis, Das Haus Anubis (both broadcasted in Germany at Nickelodeon), Hotel 13, Nachtwacht (a famous program for kids broadcasted in different European countries), Zone stad, and amika. Here the Chrosziel MatteBox is in use, says Alain: “My favorite cameraman DOP Herman Wolfs from the ‘Super Acht Cameracrew’ is using the MatteBox with the Sony F55 in combination with a Canon zoom lens and a Sony F5 with short Canon film lens on a DJI Ronin drone.”

Per Alain products of high quality need appropriate care, also: “I am very happy that the very nice and efficient 1AC Nathan Lederman is taking exceptionally care of the Chrosziel swing away MatteBox.” and closes: “Thanks for making good long life products as the MatteBox, follow focus and other gear. I am proud to use them.”

More information about Alain to be found at IMDb.

Chrosziel Mattebox in action during a shoot

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